Go Sandra, Go!!!

14th March 2019 Nicky Cole
Go Sandra, Go!!!

In 2012 Sandra Humphrey our Payroll Manager, was hit with the devastating news that she had breast cancer and that she would have to undergo a mastectomy… So began a 2 year long, painful journey, bearing physical and mental scars, which at times seemed too hard to bear.

Sandra dug deep and found her saviour in running, the freedom it afforded her mind, from the terrible time she was going through, really helped her keep going and in 2014, she ran her first  London Marathon for Wessex Cancer Trust, who helped her on her journey to recovery.

Since then, Sandra has run a countless number of races and to date she has 23 marathons, including 4 ultra marathons under her belt!

This year Sandra is taking part in her 3rd London Marathon and is raising money for KITH & KIDS a charity which helps children with autism and their families, a very worthy cause I’m sure you’ll all agree and as Sandra has just celebrated (and boy did she celebrate) her 58th birthday, it would be great if we could all make a donation, to help her on her way.

I think you’ll agree, what a huge inspiration Sandra is, to so many and thank you all for your support.


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