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22nd June 2016 Nicky Cole
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I am a Level 3 Business student at Farnborough College of Technology and I chose to complete my work experience at Mad About Book Keeping.  During this course I have learned many different aspects of business throughout my first year; however, finance and accounting was the one that stood out for me.

My work experience at Mad About Bookkeeping lasted two weeks – every day I learned and experienced something new. I remember being very nervous about my first day; meeting new people, arriving at an intimidating office setting and entering a type of work I did not know much about.  Low in knowledge and confidence, I was introduced to my colleagues for the fortnight – my outlook immediately changed. Drawn into the clear friendships within the office, I was offered tea by the bucket load and adopted into the office scenario.

Throughout the days I spent at my placement, I was given many little jobs to do over many different clients. This gave me the opportunity to have a go at all the different aspects in which this company deals with – which is a lot! I had the opportunity to learn about the different computer programmes which are used such as, Sage, Xero and Excel. From this, I was then introduced to self assessments, payroll and capturing the business’ costs– I even keyed in a few by myself! Throughout this whole learning process, I always had the support from colleagues which enabled me to learn and understand each job clearly and confidently.

Towards the end of the week, I was able to complete tasks confidently by myself. I managed to get familiar with Sage, Xero and Excel, which enabled me to complete jobs of my own.  This accomplishment was all down to the patience and expertise of my colleagues. This is the aspect I enjoyed the most about the whole two weeks. I enjoyed the fact I was able to have a hands on experience with this company and I believe that it has helped me learn more in doing so.

I walked into this office two weeks ago barely knowing anything about this line of work, and I have left with a greater knowledge and experience of this type of career.  These two weeks at Mad About Book Keeping has greatly helped me figure out a plan for my future. In five years time, I aim to have finished my time at college and university and begin my career in the business world. My work experience has helped me significantly narrow down my options for my career choices, making it easier for me to concentrate on my path of education. Overall, I believe my time here has been extremely worthwhile and meaningful to my future in business.

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