Paying Your Taxes

18th December 2018 Nicky Cole
Paying Your Taxes

Paying HMRC – Switch to Electronic

HMRC are encouraging all customers to pay taxes electronically, as it is safer, quicker and more cost effective. You can use the following methods:

• Direct Debit
• Online or telephone banking (including Faster Payments, Bacs, and CHAPS)
• Debit/Corporate Credit card online.

If you already pay electronically please review the reference information you have provided to your bank to ensure it is up to date.

Making payments to HMRC easier

A green ‘pay now’ button will be added to the GOV.UK pay employers’ PAYE guidance page around 31 December 2018.

When using the ‘pay now’ feature you will be offered various payment options to choose from. The information that you need to pay HMRC will depend on the payment method you choose, you will then be:
• Taken to your Digital Tax Account/Business Tax Account to sign in and pay
by Direct Debit; or
• Provided with the information you will need to make a payment from your bank
account (bank transfer) by Faster Payment, Bacs or CHAPS; or
• Taken to the HMRC Online Payment Service to make a card payment.

If you require any assistance when paying HMRC, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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