Tax Return Checklist

30th August 2014 ticadmin
Tax Return Checklist

With the numerous types of income reportable on a tax return it is easy to forget about a source of income.  We hope that this check-list will help to remind you of any such income when reviewing your records and completing your tax returns.

Employment income

  • Forms P60, P11D, P45, PAYE coding notices
  • Professional subscriptions and other expenses of employment paid personally

Self-employment income

  • Earned income and any expenses incurred

Capital Gains

  • Assets acquired, sold or which have become of negligible value
  • Windfall’ receipts from building societies/insurance companies
  • Sales of shares acquired under Company share options

Income  from land & property

  • Income from let property and related expenses (including rent-a-room scheme)

Investment income

  • Bank and building society interest received(even if only a small amount of interest was credited to, say your current account, this should be disclosed as it may prevent a subsequent Revenue enquiry)
  • Dividend counterfoils including stock dividends, unit trusts and real estate investment trust distributions
  • Stockbroker end of year report showing  income and transactions
  • Other interest received including Government loan stock
  • Chargeable event certificates from investment bonds

Overseas income

  • Income from savings and investments abroad e.g. bank accounts, holiday villas and shares

Other income

  • Child benefit received if either you or your partner have gross income of more than £50,000

Pensions received both state and other

  • Jobseekers’ Allowance and other state benefits
  • Commissions, fees, tips etc. received
  • Company share options granted or exercised
  • Income from trusts, settlements and estates
  • Income received by minor children from funds provided by parent

Student loan

  • Are you liable to make student loan repayments?

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