Why we moved to Xero

26th November 2015 Nicky Cole
Why we moved to Xero

I’ve used SAGE all my working life.  I know it like the back of my hand and when I set up MABK, of course I put my accounts onto SAGE.

I bought a multi user licence for the office and put our clients on it too.  Then about 4 years ago, one of our clients introduced us to Xero, a cloud based accounting software.

At first I was sceptical – the program was simplistic and only had limited functions, but over the years they have developed it and updated it regularly.  You can now log in with any device, have unlimited users, track stock, raise sales and purchase orders and manage credit control.

It’s got all the reports that most small businesses will ever need – profit and loss, balance sheet, sales to name a few.

You can also pay for it monthly – a big bonus for small businesses, and at £20 per month it’s a steal!

A couple of weeks ago, Xero launched their invoices reminders feature.  Xero auto generates a payment reminder at any given time after an invoice becomes due.  You can tailor the wording and choose how many reminders you want to send – Genius!  For me, this is a no brainer!  Anything that will save time and improve cash flow has got to be a good thing right?

Changing software is not a small job, but Xero have thought of that and arranged for Move My Books to convert SAGE and Quickbooks software FREE OF CHARGE.  I sent them my backup on Monday and got the converted data back on Tuesday.  They also bought across 2 years worth of data so I’ve still got my historic stuff.

All it took was a couple of hours to check through the accounts and design the invoice template and I was up and running.

Don’t get me wrong, SAGE still has it’s place.  For businesses with large sales and purchase ledgers it’s great, but for small businesses I will always recommend Xero.

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