I’ve got ’til January – why should I file my tax return now?

1st July 2015 Nicky Cole
Why wait to do you tax return?

With 9 months to prepare, why do so many taxpayers leave it until the last minute?

Let’s face it – sorting out bank statements, P60’s, dividend vouchers – it’s BORING!!!  I mean who wouldn’t rather be sitting on a beach, watching a movie or enjoying a cold beer.  The thing is, putting off those boring jobs often leaves ‘the fear’ hanging over you.

What’s more there are some very good reasons to file your self assessment early:

  1. You can reduce your payment on account in July if you have paid too much
  2. You can claim back refunds straight away
  3. You know in advance what you have to pay and have time to save up
  4. If you file before end Dec and the liability is under 3,000 you can pay it back through your tax code

and remember, no matter how early you file – your tax is still not payable until 31st January!

All you really need to do is put everything together in an envelope and we’ll sort the rest.  The earlier you do it, the bigger the smile you’ll get from us!

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